Empowering Peak Performance


We are NOT a gym, a salon, yoga studio, professional sports training facility or a health food store; we are ALL of these under one roof. We are the first and only club in the United States to offer natural, integrated, one-stop health, wellness, nutrition and fitness programs.  

All of our training modalities are under direct supervision of professional sports trainers, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, chiropractors, RNs and professional personal trainers; no big box, independent muscle-heads here. We’re about custom designing a program that guarantee results.


We have custom-designed, one-on-one programs with state of the art equipment for all professional and semi-professional sports; and programs for Jr. High, High School, Collegiate and Professional Athletes preparing for varsity teams, scholarships or the NBA, NFL or MLB draft; as well as individualized fitness and nutrition programs for men and women who are serious about peak performance.